Brunei Tops In Facebook Usage

Posted: March 24, 2012 in Artikal
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Ranks No 1 in Asia

Bandar Seri Begawan – Brunei Darussalam may not be the most wired nation in the region but in terms of Facebook usage, it ranks No 1 in Asia.

Social networking in the Sultanate continues to grow at a rapid pace, according to statistics compiled by Socialbakers, one of the biggest social media statistics portals in the world.

In relation to its population, Brunei ranks No.1 among all countries in Asia in terms of penetration for the social networking site Facebook, standing at 59.25 per cent.

Singapore, the most networked country in the Southeast Asian region, is three places behind Brunei, with an Internet penetration for Facebook of 55.37 per cent. Hong Kong and Malaysia, meanwhile, are ranked fifth (52.92 per cent) and seventh place (47.27 per cent) respectively.

Calvin Yeo, Senior Consultant from Ericsson Telecommunications Pte Ltd, speaking at a roundtable media briefing yesterday, said it was interesting to note that with a small population, the number of social networking users here is very high.

“Bruneians are very well connected through social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter,” he said, adding that this is “very healthy”.

According to Socialbakers, there are currently 234,060 Facebook users in Brunei, more than half of its population. Demographically, the majority of them are between the ages of 18 and 24 (74,800 or 33 per cent of the population), followed by those between the ages of 25 and 35. In the last six months, the number of new Facebook users from Brunei increased by 12,340.

Facebook usage has taken the country by storm since early 2004 when the social networking service website was first launched. More Bruneians, especially the younger generation, use Facebook to connect with friends, families, classmates and co-workers to leverage on the many user-friendly tools to post shout outs (status updates) and sharing photos.

If the mushrooming number of online shops is any indication, it is clear that Facebook has revolutionised the way people conduct business here. Some of the major players in the business world also use Facebook to ‘connect’ with their customers.

Facebook has also been a very crucial source of information for the general public to receive updates on the latest and breaking news in real time. For instance, updates of the recent tragic bus crash incident in Sabah, which claimed the lives of seven Bruneians, were splashed across the walls of Facebook users in Brunei, as news began to spread by relatives and friends of the victims.

There are, however, growing concerns that as the use of Facebook becomes more widespread, the number of instances of people abusing it would increase too. A number of such cases have surfaced in the country in recent years.

A representative from IT Protective Security Services Sdn Bhd (ITPSS) late last year told the Weekend Bulletin that apart from the rise in online scams or e-fraud, which is rampant on the Internet and sourced mostly from outside the country, cases of cyber crimes reported here also derive from web infrastructures such as e-mails and social networking tools like Facebook.

Just last week, a man was sentenced to jail for 10 months after he admitted to uploading obscene pictures and video clips of his ex-girlfriend on Facebook.

Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

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